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Selected Publications

Stelarc - The Monograph

Stelarc: The Monograph

Edited by Marquard Smith MIT Press, 2005

"In this collection of essays, we are invited to envelop ourselves in a series of events that oscillate between tranquil meditations and violent crashes as data, hardware, and flesh mix in a variety of unbounded artistic orchestrations. With contributions from the critics and theorists who know Stelarc best, this book contains illuminating commentary on and analysis of his technoperformative work that is as compelling and as disturbing as anything found in the most radical of science fiction novels. Welcome to the world of Stelarc."
Steven Kurtz, Critical Art Ensemble

"A Nietzschean experimental site, Stelarc delivers a punch of utmost severity, joining performance art with prosthetic innovation and philosophical reflection. This book brings together a colloquy of techno-warriors who probe the limits of the eviscerable body, its post-pornographic submission, and hybrid presumptions. One imagines Heidegger traversed by Schreber."
Avital Ronell, Professor of German, Comparative Literature, and English, New York University, author of The Test Drive and The Telephone Book

"For far too long there has been a gap on many bookshelves waiting to be filled by a publication like Stelarc: The Monograph. This rich critical analysis and celebration of one of the world?s most influential, prescient, provocative and discussed artists is an invaluable and welcome resource for everyone engaged with discourses and disciplines spanning visual, performance and digital art, cyberculture, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and robotics."
Lois Keidan, Director. Live Art Development Agency, London


Stelarc: Political Prosthesis & Knowledge of the Body

Stelarc: Political Prosthesis & Knowledge of the Body

Marina Grzinic-Mauhler
Maska & MKC (Ljubljana & Maribor), 2002 transformacije_series/ marina_grzinic_mauhler_ed_stelarc/



The Cyborg Experiments: The Extensions of the Body in the Media Age

The Cyborg Experiments: The Extensions of the Body in the Media Age

Edited by Joanna Zylinska

Continuum Press (London & New York), 2002


Selected Interviews

C Theory (early 90's)

Institute for New Culture Technologies (1995)

NMA Magazine (2001)

Reader's Voice (2003)

Computers in Entertainment (2008)

TransAlchemy (2009)

Bizarre Magazine (2009)

Digimag (2009)


Selected Articles

Stelarc, EXCESS AND INDIFFERENCE: Alternate Body Architectures

Stelarc, THE CADAVER, THE COMATOSE & THE CHIMERA: Alternate Anatomical Architectures

Stelarc, ZOMBIES & CYBORGS: The Cadaver, the Comatose & the Chimera

Nicholas Zurbrugg, Virilio, Stelarc and 'Terminal' Technoculture

Darren Tofts, Expolits in the Skin Trade


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