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Petros Vouris, Tim Jewell, Steve Berrick, Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd, Steven Aaron Hughes, Rodney Parsons, Paul Caporn
Maylands, 2017
Re-Wired / Re-Mixed
Steven Aaron Hughes, Rodney Parsons, Steve Berrick, Luke Robert Mason (London), Lorin Roser (NY).
Perth, 2016
Body on Robot Arm
Perth, 2015
Stelarc & f18
Eindhoven, 2013
Shadow Suspension
Stelarc & Havve Fjell
Dallas, 2013
Ear on Arm Suspension
Melbourne, 2012
Ear on Arm Performance
Sculpture Biennale
Lorne, 2011
Walking Head
Centre of Life, Newcastle, 2008
Ear Surgery
London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, 2006
Video - Anet Nyffeler
Cyborg Frictions, Dampfzentrale, 2003
Extended Arm
Mutalogues, Avignon, 2000
Stomach Sculture
Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennale, NGV, Melbourne, 1993
Remote Suspension
MOCA, Brisbane, 1986

Second Life

Involuntary, Improvised & Avatar Arms
Stelarc / Upton / Chafer
The Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry, 2012
Out Of Breath
The Third Annual Odyssey Performance Art Festival
Melbourne, 2012
Yellow Avatar Blue Sky
Tate Modern
London, 2012
Avatars have no Organs
Second Life, 2009

Prosthetic Head

Prosthetic Head
BEAM Festival
Brunel University, London, 2010
Prosthetic Head Lecture
Virtuality & Embodiment Panel
Honolulu, 2007


3D Models and Animation: K. Takaaki, MARCS Labs, University of Western Sydney. Video Edit: John Doggett-Williams.
Melbourne, 2012
Micro Robot
Animation- Steve Middleton
Australia, 2010
Muscle Machine Animation
Animation - Steve Middleton
Nottingham Trent University, UK, 2003